Article 22: The Basics

Article 22 is the Most Aggressive Abortion Legislation in the Country

The proposed amendment to the Vermont constitution would establish the most aggressive abortion legislation in the country — guaranteeing that the government will never be able to protect the life of the unborn in any way.

If passed, Vermont would be the first state in the country to explicitly deny the right of life to unborn children in its constitution.

What does Article 22 really mean?

  • That an expectant mother can terminate her unwanted baby up to the day of birth
  • That minors can receive an abortion without parental consent
  • That sterilization is a guaranteed right to all Vermonters including minors, without parental consent
  • That contraceptives, as well as all expenses associated with infertility and surrogacy, will be funded using taxpayer dollars
  • That Planned Parenthood will continue to receive taxpayer dollars to fund abortions
  • That the government has no authority to regulate any reproductive issues

Who supports Article 22?

Planned Parenthood, Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan, and others who seek to grossly and exponentially expand Roe v. Wade, so there are no limits to abortions at all.

Planned Parenthood and their $2 billion dollar war chest has already invested heavily to make sure Article 22 is passed, inciting fear that Trump’s pro-life Supreme Court appointees will overturn Roe v. Wade – when what they are really scared about is putting their government-funded abortion, money-making machine at risk.

What is the timeline for Article 22?

November 8th, 2022

The Vermont legislature has already passed Prop 5 in support of Article 22 once. They only need to pass it a second time, by the current VT legislature, to get it on the ballot for final voter approval next November, 2022.

If passed on election day, November 8th 2022, Prop 5 will immediately become Article 22 in the Vermont constitution.

Why is it important to oppose Article 22? 

If the radical abortion industry wins in Vermont, your state will be next.

Article 22 supporters are desperate because they know the Supreme Court may finally realize the mistake of Roe v. Wade, especially since scientific evidence now supports the pro-life position, that life begins at conception.

The language of “personal reproductive autonomy” and “shall not be denied or infringed” would bar the government from putting even the most basic of restrictions, such as those for pregnancies as late as full term, from being put into effect.

Even more dangerous, is the fact that the pro-choice movement is now being so bold as to make the argument that abortions should be legalized after birth, for infants.

Planned Parenthood and other radical pro-choicers want to make sure nothing stands in the way of abortion at any level, at any stage, at any age.

If passed, Planned Parenthood has already stated they intend to take this proposition to every state in the United States for adoption.

It is imperative to oppose Article 22 because:

  • The lives of countless unborn babies will be placed at further risk of abortion if Article 22 is adopted
  • Amending the Constitution to include the language of Article 22 is reckless and irresponsible, dangerous and expensive as well as morally and ethically wrong
  • We cannot afford Article 22 and all of its unknown repercussions

How can you help protect the life of the unborn in Vermont?

  • Vote NO on Article 22, and tell your friends and family to do the same
  • Make a donation to TheyHaveGoneTooFar.Com to fund the grassroots efforts on the ground and to help defeat Article 22


Read the full text of the bill.