Newborn and Fetus

People on both sides of the debate over abortion know that ‘reproductive autonomy’ is publicly understood to be a way of referring to an unlimited abortion license…[with abortions] permitted through the entire nine months of gestation and pregnancy up to and including the process of birth.


Robert P. George, Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University


Planned Parenthood’s CEO Alexis McGill Johnson recently stated on MSNBC “despite their damnedest to try to create all of these horrible, diabolical restrictions…”… [any] restrictions on abortions are “unbelievable burdens” put on [women’s] bodies.


“The people of Vermont deserve to know the laws that govern them.  When the legislature intentionally puts ambiguous language on the ballot in order for judges to achieve their ultimate policy goals, the people are left without a voice.”


Katherine Beck Johnson, Esq., Family Research Council


Planned Parenthood of Vermont’s Website Says It All

“Emily,” tells the story of her 20-week abortion. “For me, reproductive freedom means the ability to control what happens to my body the whole time it is mine. It means being able to treat my body the way I want it to be treated and to have emotional and physical ownership over my own bodily experience, 100 percent.”